Saturday, December 05, 2009

Allez, allez!

Scotland's men (David Murdoch, Ewan MacDonald, Pete Smith and Euan Byers) were up against France, skipped by Thomas Dufour (above) in their second game. Mike Haggerty has the report here.

A quick fashion aside now. This is the first time that the new Scottish (light coloured) strip has been seen. It's rather unusual and certainly gets the thumbs up from me!

A tenth end timeout with coach David Hay.

It was a workmanlike performance from the Scots. Not a lot of shouting was necessary.

More caption competition photos later, but have this as a starter. L-R: Dave Hay (team coach), Graeme Connal (alternate), Derek Brown (national coach).

'Which one brought the frankincense?' I'm sure you can do better.

Pics by Bob


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