Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Now I've seen everything!

Good win for the Scots against Finland tonight, completing a successful day on the ice. Mike Haggerty's report is here.

The blog had an assistant tonight. Becky is studying photography at the local college. The only problem is that Coo has gone off in the huff. Apparently another redhead on the team was too much for her! See jealousy!

But seriously. There has been an outbreak of flyposting at the arena. The organising committee won't be pleased. Crowds of women curlers grouped round one of the posters on the stairwell and I had to fight my way in to see what the fuss was about! "Scandal", "disgusting", "sexist" were just some of the words I didn't hear.

"What a big curling stone", seemed to be the general opinion! In case you don't recognise him with no clothes on, it's Ewan MacDonald!

This is NOT a windup. The calendar does exist. A 'rival' to the Fire on Ice calendar being sold by the ECF, see here!

Now I've seen everything!

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