Thursday, December 10, 2009

What happened?

Sorry folks. Coo and I were on duty at Curl Aberdeen watching the Netherlands beat Austria to qualify for the women's A Division next year. And we weren't able to put anything up on the blog when the main website went down again this afternoon.

These Aberdonians must really pay their bills! Seriously, I gather it was overload again with interest in the results.

We're back on station at the Linx now, and will try to help if there are problems again.

Reform CC friends will be interested in the fact that the Latvian girls beat the Czech Republic at the last stone, and now meet Austria - the winner qualifying for the A Division next year.

Action from Netherlands v Austria at Curl Aberdeen

Back at the Linx, the Russian women beat Sweden in the tiebreaker for fourth place, and will be up against Germany in the Page 3-4.

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  1. London InterNet eXchange are still having serious network problems and it is slowing all internet traffic in the UK.



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