Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Morning Call: Tuesday, December 8

Happy birdy to you
Happy birdy to you
Happy birdy dear Andy
Happy birdy to you

Andy Kapp is 42 years old today. Looking good for it, don't you think?

There are two more games for the men's and the women's teams at the Linx arena today. These are the sixth and seventh rounds of play in the nine game round robin series.

Scotland's men are rolling along, played five, won four, with Germany and Norway next up. This is an important day, for sure.

Eve Muirhead and her team are on two wins from five games. They have Sweden and Finland today.

Meanwhile, Coo is basking in celebrity status here in Aberdeen. Next thing you know she'll be doing commentary on the games! But seriously, she's loving just being here and being involved. She's a real 'people person'!

Tansy Whitebits is still missing. Evidence is coming in that she is not who she said she was, and the photo above is of someone completely different..... More on that story later.

As for the Latvian team alternate who we think she has run off with, three team colleagues came forward with some background information on their whereabouts, on condition of anonymity. I've hidden their faces below.


Critical observers will have noticed that the photo of Andy at the top of the blog is an old one, from the Edinburgh International Championship a week or so ago. There will be more of Andy here later today, so you'll be able to see how he's aged in the interim!

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