Thursday, December 03, 2009

Blog team take up station

One day to go, and the team which will bring you 'the blog' for the next ten days or so, is heading for Aberdeen.

Most people will have heard of me, Bob the Blogger, but I could not contemplate any of what lies ahead without the help of members of the event blog team.

For one, there's Richard Gray. His big lens has the job of bringing you closeup and personal photos of curlers from both A and B divisions. With any luck we may even have a POTD (photo of the day), along the lines of what we attempted all these years ago (well, two) from Fussen. Here's an example. I suspect that Richard may well have clocked the fact that the Hungarian girls are competing at Curl Aberdeen, so a pic or two of Boglarka Adam may well be his first assignment.

Or it may not. I've no idea what's going to happen this week.

I do know that I've got a couple of other helpers. Coo (aka Dilseacht of An Teallach, Born 11/04/06, Sheffield Highland Fling 2009 1st - Three Year Old Heifer, Female Champion) is really looking forward to meeting and having her photo taken with lots of curlers, fans, coaches, media types and mascots from all over Europe. That's her in the photo on the panel on the right.

I'm very happy to be working again with Tansy Whitebits. That's her on the left. Her job is to cover for me when I am unable to be everywhere, or anywhere, for that matter. She's rather fond of Curl Aberdeen, and wants desperately to watch the Welsh men, or so she tells me.

She likes going to meetings too and as there will be significant action off the ice during the Championships week, with both the European Curling Federation and the World Curling Federation holding key governance and strategic meetings that will determine the future organisation, administration and rules of the game, Tansy will be in her element! Look out for her!

She's threatened to bring along some of her friends to help, such as Sally Forth, Sabina Pleasure and Phyllis Ophical. It should be fun.

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  1. I am pretty certain I know the identity of the Lady in your picture (Tansy Whitebits!)- I don't think her family will look at this Blog -will they know you are using her picture?


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