Sunday, December 06, 2009

Scottish fans in the stands

Scottish alternate Graeme Connal was used by the Murdoch team for the second half of their fourth round game tonight. That was only for one end, as it turned out. Mike Haggerty has the report and quotes on the Royal Club website here. You can find all the results and standings on the main website here.

Marion Murdoch was leading the singing in the stands today, "That's my boy!" She's David's mum.

Recognise anyone?

They were subdued this morning, but rather louder tonight.

I spotted my 'Blond of the Day' watching the games this morning. It's Kasia Selwant. She's one of the Polish National Champions, and as a special treat, her boyfriend has brought her to Aberdeen for a long weekend. Super girl! And I'm not even going to mention that she featured in the first Fire on Ice calendar in 2007. The month of January has never been the same since!

Talking of calendars, the 2010 Fire on Ice issue is being sold by the ECF online (see here), but there's no sign of it (yet) in Aberdeen. Some of the 2010 calendar girls are on the ice here. I think I might send Coo on a misssion to seek them out over the next couple of days!

And, for those of you who have asked, and indeed sent get well wishes, Coo is feeling much better this evening!

Top photo by Bob, all the others, including that of Kasia, are courtesy Jim Law.

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  1. greetings for Kasia :)from Radzionków.


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