Sunday, December 06, 2009

Candid camera

It was not the happiest morning at the Le Gruyere European Curling Championship at Aberdeen, if you were a Scottish supporter. You can read why here.

To cheer you up, here are some candid snaps from the Championships so far!

"There'll be a bus coming along soon. In fact, here it comes."

"No, it's a 45. Will the 68 never come!"

"Psst. Want to buy some curling stones?"

"Quiet. Let me count. One, three, two..."

"From Russia with love!"

"Umpire Mats Olofsson prepares to break the Scottich all-comers record in the Clean and Jerk!"

"Right, you guys. Line up! In descending order"

"Sssshhhhh", or 'Can I borrow a tissue?"

Three times world junior champion Sarah Macintyre. Make up your own caption. Something with 'horn' in it. Now, don't you dare!

Pics by Bob

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  1. "i wish my boyfriend was as horny as this"


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