Sunday, December 06, 2009

Morning Call: Sunday, December 6

Scotland's men play the Czech Republic at 09.00 this morning. The Scottish women are against Germany at 14.00, and Team Murdoch are back in action again at 20.00. Only three draws at the Linx today.

At Curl Aberdeen however, play begins at 08.00. Four draw days there, every day. I must try to get a trip up the road today to see how they are all getting on there.

Now the cheese saga. It's arrived. Not all 215 tons, but a small amount and I have a sample to try. Special stuff indeed. Gruyere Reserve! "Matured for 4-5 months longer than regula Gruyere. The resulting flavour is far nuttier and fullier than its rival," Nuttier, eh? I'm going to enjoy it.

Now, if the organising committee could just find their website.... !

Now, bad news. All the excitement yesterday was just too much for Coo and she's been confined to bed under the doctor. I'm sure a day of rest (after all it is Sunday) will do her the world of good. Please send 'get well' cards and messages to Coo, c/o the media room at the Linx.

Has anyone seen Tansy Whitebits? She was last seen in the company of the Latvian men's team, and I'm worried she may have run off with their alternate. He's not been seen either.

The blog is running out of helpers. It will soon be a case of "Help ma blog!"

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