Sunday, December 06, 2009

Curl Aberdeen's secret

There are thirty-one teams playing in the B Divisions of the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Aberdeen this week. And the Curl Aberdeen rink has a real buzz about it. The blog got there this morning, and here are a few photos which give no more than a flavour of the event. Enjoy - I know I did, being there and being part of it all, if only for a short time!

And the secret? It doesn't cost anything to get in! There are lots of really attractive curlers to watch, and the women's teams are half bad either!

Team Poland

Spanish flair!

Estonia v Russia

Serbia v Netherlands

Lithuania's skip Tadas Vyskupaitis

Croatia v Latvia (more on these teams later)

Greek excitement! Nikolaos Zacharias

Estonia's skip Erkki Lill

Spain v Lithuania

Team England in action

A Bulgarian summit

Russia's Andrey Drozdov

Netherlands Mark Neeleman.

Apologies if any names are misspelled!

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  1. thank you for team Poland, and yes, they certainly are attractive ;)


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