Monday, December 07, 2009

Foto Feature: Scotland v Russia

It was indeed a lip-smackingly good prospect. How would Eve and her team fare against the top-of-the-standings Russians this morning at the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Aberdeen's Linx arena? Mike Haggerty's report is here.

Here is my photo essay of the game.

Hard working sweepers...

...on Eve's stone. This is Eve Muirhead (recent winner of the Young Sportsperson of the Year award)

Skips in the house

It's a hair thing!

Russian skip - third interaction

Russia's third player, Anna Sidorova

Here's Lucy! Russian skip Liudmila Privivkova

One for the fan club members in Troon and beyond

Scotland's 'Blue Streak' missile Kelly Wood at second stones

And here she is putting the effort in with the sweeping on Eve's stone

Jackie Lockhart plays third stones for the Scots. As seen here, she is always serious!

And sometimes loud, when it's needed!

Eyes of the Day award. Russia's lead, Ekaterina Galkina

Time to talk

Did I mention that Le Gruyere is the title sponsor of the European event?

Team Russia: L-R Olga Jarkova, Ekaterina Galkina and Anna Sidorova

Scotland's lead Lorna Vevers

Kelly and Lorna, the Scottish front end. Let's hear it for the 'front end union'!

One of these 'stone days' for Eve! Hopefully the diamonds lie ahead.

... and some applause too for those who have to suffer off the ice. L-R: Karen Addison (alternate), Derek Brown (Scotland's National Coach), Nancy Murdoch (team coach).

All pics by Bob

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