Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lead me not into temptation!

Lead players in big curling competitions do not usually get much recognition for all the hard work they do for their teams. Today the Blog presents a photo feature on the women's lead players at the Linx arena in Aberdeen at the European Curling Championships. These pics were taken during the eighth and ninth rounds of play. Enjoy!

That's Sweden's Anna Svard in the pic above.

Switzerland's Janine Greiner

Lorna Vevers, Scotland

Russia's Ekaterina Galkina. (We like the eyes!)

Kristin Skaslien, Norway

Italy's Elettra De Col

Giorgia De Lotto is the Italian alternate, and played lead in the ninth game.

Germany's Stella Heiss

Alternate Corinna Scholz played lead in the last round robin game for Team Germany

Elisa Alatalo, Finland

Caroline Reed, England

Camilla Jensen, Denmark

Pics by Bob

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    the official website is down. Could you please post the score of the mens game Scotland vs. France?

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