Saturday, December 05, 2009

Where's Coo?

Coo has had a really exciting day today. Too much really to go into detail. So much excitement that she's been sent to bed early! Here are today's highlights. She sat in on the BBC Radio Scotland Sports Weekly programme this morning, presented live in the arena by John Beattie and Katie Still. Go here to listen again.

Here's Katie and Coo. She's besotted, Coo that is, meeting a celebrity. Katie's biography on the BBC Radio Scotland website says, "Katie joined the BBC in 2002 and has been co-presenting Sports Weekly since 2004. She's had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing some of the biggest sports stars in the world, as well as sports people you've never heard of, providing some of the greatest stories!"

And she made Coo's day today!

And Coo got to watch some great curling today! Here she is on the bench beside Kenny More who does the video analysis for the Scottish teams, helping them in their debriefs after each game.

More Coo adventures tomorrow.

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