Friday, December 11, 2009

Coo's Morning Call on Friday

We are in the B Divisions this morning. The women's semifinal sees Austria up against Latvia, with the winner joining the Netherlands in qualifying for next years Le Gruyere European Championships. You will find the results here.

In the men's B competition Russia is waiting the winner of a semi between Hungary and the Netherlands.

By all accounts the 'losers party' at Curl Aberdeen last night was a great success. They were calling it the 'swingers party' in some quarters this morning. Coo doesn't understand!

Coo wants to thank all the volunteers in the transport department. Here she is, hitching a ride with Roy Haites!

And cuddling up with Saskia Kruegl. Have you got your calendar yet? Having seen what's inside, (see here) Coo wants to be a model in the next Fire on Ice. I wonder if Ana Arce is listening?

She has been practising her Russian, here with teachers Olga and Lucy!

She seems determined to get a job doing commentary for Eurosport..... or Live Channel, or the BBC. She sneeked along to David Smith's seat to try it for size.

She thanks all those who sent get well cards. She received two! And is feeling much better.

Being small, it's difficult for her to see well at Curl Aberdeen. A helping hand saw her get a grandstand seat for this morning's game!

Coo is quite blatant about who is her favourite team. L-R Dace, Zanda, Una, Iveta and Ieva, ie Team Latvia!

With the prospect of the knackers yard looming once the Euros are over, here's Coo chatting up Kirsty Letton, joint chair of the Glynhill Ladies Invitation. I think she was trying to get a blogging job at that event too!

Now, this is not something you see every day. Anette Norberg was in the stands last night watching the Swedish men win their place in tomorrow's final. Exciteement, tension? A few rows of knitting, better than any pills. What is Anette making? Socks? A hat?

Coo never learned to knit. She would like to be able to do so. She joined a 'Learn to Knit' class yesterday, with some of these fine people managing the sponsor's stand at the Linx.

What she would like to be able to make is one of these. My generation wore these heavy knitted jumpers! My mum knitted mine.

Coo has discovered there is - out there somewhere - a pattern to fit Barbie. Just Coo's size... well, almost!

If anyone can source this for me, money awaits, and Coo's gratitude!

I think she would look smart in one of these, don't you?

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  1. Bob, At least your blog site is uptodate. Have you tried to get the results from Curling Zone.
    The B division Semi's started at 830am this morning. It is now 1015 and a single score has yet to be added ( one heck of a long 1st end ).Mind you what should I expect, I suppose it is a bit early in the morning by Cannuck time!!!


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