Monday, December 07, 2009

More B time

Coos, no matter how well accredited, are not allowed on to the field of play. Quite rightly so, the European Championships are a serious business. So, like other team mascots, Coo had to settle for a space behind the glass after she persuaded me to return for another visit to Curl Aberdeen where the B Divisions of the European Championships are being played.

She wanted to meet my Latvian friends, whose team is skipped by Ritvars Gulbis, above.

We both enjoyed some of the Irish - Welsh derby. Here are the Irish in action.

Hungary was playing Estonia, and we cheered for Ilde's Angels (see here). And here I always thought the media was supposed to be unbiased!

I'm sure though the real reason that we went to Curl Aberdeen tonight is that Coo is madly in love with Boglarka Adam!

Coo showed the Croatian girls the pics we put on the blog. Here they are looking at the blog, courtesy of Curl Aberdeen manager, Tom Brewster.

And we called in at the Champery party. The Swiss resort will host the 2010 Le Gruyere European Curling Championships! Here, Coo is trying to persuade Eddy Peter (he's i/c Marketing and Communication for the Champery Organising Committee) to let her come to Switzerland next year. I think she's getting ideas above her station!

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