Monday, December 07, 2009

Morning Call: Monday, December 7

We are just two days into the event, and the volunteers and staff at the Linx and at Curl Aberdeen, not to mention the ice staff and the umpires, can be excused for being a wee bit tired! What workers! I had been worried about Coo all day yesterday and when she described seeing hundreds of Santa Clauses (Santas Claus?) running past the Linx and along the beach front, I thought she was hallucinating!

Today's a key day at both the Linx and Curl Aberdeen. It becomes clearer which teams are at the top of their game, and which are going to struggle to make it to playoffs. Too early to tell of course, there's still lots of curling to come. But in the women's competition the Russians are undefeated after three games, whereas England and Finland have still to post their first point.

Eve, Jackie, Kelly and Lorna meet Lucy's Russian side at 09.00 this morning on Sheet B. They are queuing up outside the Linx for this one!

Scotland's men are up against Denmark at 14.00, and the girls are back on at 19.00 against the Swiss, the holders.

I'm sure you know by now to find all the results and standings from the links on the main website here, and to read Mike Haggerty's reports here.

Now, lets just wind up the cheese story. It was good to see it safely at the Linx and samples being distributed by the sponsor's representatives to visitors.

I'm just finding out now that Coo played a key role in its discovery! She teamed up with some Hungarian secret agents (henceforth known as Ilde's Angels), and stormed the Cupar cricket pavilion in the dead of night to rescue all 1,650 tons!

I was impressed. Ilde's Angels are (L-R) Ildiko, Boglarka, Krisztina and Gyongyi. Doesn't Coo look happy in Boggy's embrace? I'm worried about her.

But I've now discovered the real reason why she was unwell yesterday. It was nothing to do with her adventures with Ilde's angels, she just got into some bad company on Saturday night with Lesley Arrowsmith and Bob Kelly. She had a hangover!

Now, has anyone seen Tansy Whitebits? I think she's run off with the Latvian alternate!

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