Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Travels with Coo

She turned up. Coo apparently spent the night with Rita Esson, above. What they got up to I dread to think! What more can I say?

She had her coffee and a wee read at the P&J's coverage of the event, this whole page having been put together by Paul Third who was helped out by Coo on the media bench yesterday.

Fran Empay from Canada was courier to the Scottish Ladies' tour to Canada some years back. She's come over for a reunion...

And here are some of the ladies. That's Jo Pegg with the big smile.

Kate Caithness is WCF Vice-president and Mike Haggerty is Scotland's curling journalist, whose reports we have been linking to every day.

Coo ran a mile when she saw Gordon McIntyre, who is the Development Officer at Greenacres, and also, as you see, an Irish supporter!

She was to be found helping out behind the bar at Curl Aberdeen, getting in the way of Gemma and Jamie.

Coo even managed a visit to Jimmy Cheung's restaurant, along from the Linx, here with friends!

And sooking up to the VIPs again! Les Harrison on the right is WCF President, and Mike Thomson is the organisation's Secretary General. What a girl! And don't think I didn't see Mike surreptitiously plying her with drink.

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