Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It came down to the last stone

Scotland's Team Murdoch had the chance of securing a place in the playoffs with a win over Switzerland. That's Ralph Stockli in the head with David in the tenth end.

Did they do it? You will need to read Mike Haggerty's report here.

It was exciting. There were two timeouts worth of discussion before David went to play his last stone in the tenth, with two Swiss stones lying against him. In this not-very-good Bob pic, umpire Anne Malcolm is signalling the end of the timeout.

Spain was in the stands. Yes, I didn't want to look either! And talking of glamour calendars (see here), that's Ana Arce on the right. I must send Coo to find out how she views the men's charity calendar efforts (see here).

There has been groups of schoolkids in each morning, and they certainly add atmosphere to the early draws!

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