Thursday, December 03, 2009

Memorable curling

The Curl Aberdeen rink is the venue for the B Divisions at the Le Gruyere European Championships. I went for a wee look this evening. The ECF President and the Board have hung out their welcome!

Alan Stanfield was having a training session for the on-ice volunteers.

A competition such as the Euros could not run without volunteers, and here are just a few of the many that are involved this week at Aberdeen.

Tom Brewster is the Curl Aberdeen manager, and of course this week he is in charge of the ice at this venue (as well as having been instrumental in getting the ice in at the Linx!). Here he is doing a final flood at Curl Aberdeen, assisted by Paul Martin.

The rink has installed more lighting - and it is just fabulous. No excuse for not getting good photos!

We're actually back at the Linx. This is umpire Dor Borthwick. She is about to give me very privileged access. Behind the door is.......

...... the umpires' room. I thought the Christmas tree was a rather nice touch. It just makes it home from home for the umpires.

Now, I know the blog is not the place for private messages, but can I just quickly inform Lucy's fan club president (he's based in Troon), that the Russians are safely here. (That's Liudmila Privivkova is on the right, in case anyone would like to join)

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