Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Round and about

Coo, who occasionally does a bit of a runner herself, was thrilled to meet a big hero this morning, none other than Steve Cram, the 'Jarrow Arrow' himself, see here. Why is he here in Aberdeen? That's still a bit of a secret, but if you promise not to tell anyone, the clue is Olympics, BBC television, and the fact that Coo was hoping to become a commentator (as mentioned yesterday).

This is Zara, whose partner has sent her (alone) to the Le Gruyere European Championships for a week. She's a passionate curl-watcher. Welcome to Aberdeen Zara, and we hope you have a great time here.

The volunteers doing the stats this morning were hard at work when we visited earlier!

CurlingZone's Gerry Guerts is the stats supremo this week.

Coo took one look and ran away! Altogether now, "Swedish fans in the stands......"


Yes, it's happened. We've been reliably informed from a blogally watching the B Divisions, that.... let's say a significant event has taken place. This is the first major championship that Laura Beever, Lisa Peters, Andrea Greenwood and Jane Robbins have competed in. They are Euro virgins! And they've won a game, defeating Slovakia 8-6.

"Welsh women curlers lose virginity in Aberdeen" is the headline. And probably a first for the English language that the words 'curlers' 'Welsh' and 'virginity' have ever been used in the same sentence. And you read it here!

Caption competition. Given the information above, I'm not even going to attempt it myself. Over to you. That's Lisa Peters and Laura Beever in the pic above.

Back to top normality later. The Scottish women had a great victory in their sixth round game. Mike Haggerty's report will be/is here.

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