Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rick's Picks: Last men standing

The skips in the men's Page 3-4 playoff were Markus Eggler (Switzerland) and David Murdoch (Scotland). Read Mike Haggerty's report here. It will be the Swiss, with Ralph Stockli throwing last stones for the team, who will go through to meet the losing team of the Page 1-2 in tomorrow's 'semifinal' which goes ahead at 14.00. The Swiss went 4-1 ahead after just three ends, and the Scots were always playing catchup thereafter. The handshakes came at the end of the ninth end, with the score at 7-3 in favour of Switzerland. That ended Scotland's campaign at this year's Le Gruyere European Curling Championships.

And who would the Swiss meet in the 'semifinal'? Thomas Ulsrud's Norwegians went up against Niklas Edin's Swedes in the Page 1-2. The Swedish side always looked the stronger and were ahead 6-3 after eight, thanks to single steals in ends five and six. When Ulsrud failed with a last stone tap to get his big end in the ninth, the teams shook hands.

So that means Edin is in the championship final, and Ulsrud will play Eggler in the 'semifinal'.

Liudmila Privivkova was against Andrea Schopp in the women's Page 3-4. The Russians dropped a three against the head in end seven, and trailed thereafter. The teams shook hands in the ninth with Schopp 10-4 in front.

It was Angelina Jensen (Denmark) and Mirjam Ott (Switzerland) in the women's Page 1-2. Ahead 8-5 going down the tenth end, it was Switzerland's game. Ott's side are in the championship final. Jensen's team, with Madeleine Dupont throwing last stones, now face Germany in the semi.

All photos by Richard Gray


  1. David Murdoch yet again blaming the poor ice for their defeat. It's wearing a bit thin (just like the ice)because it's the same for both teams. It shows a lack of grace not acknowledging they were beaten by a more talented four who could handle the conditions effectively.

    Then there's the stultifying tactics used in the match against the Czechs. Hopefully there will be much introspection (by both teams) before Vancouver. Fair enough have confidence in your ability but when it becomes arrogance it's unpleasant to witness.

    Enjoying the blog.

  2. The ladies play their last group stage game at 8 am, tiebreaker at 3 pm and then play off at 8 pm, The Same Day! No wonder, in this case Russia, could not do themselves justice during the evening session. This is the freaking European Championships! The ones responsible for scheduling need to be shot!


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