Saturday, December 12, 2009

Coo's goodbye

Coo has had a great week at the Le Gruyere European Curling Championships in Aberdeen. It has been a life changing experience for her. She's come to a decision. She's leaving me.

I don't know if I mentioned but Coo's an orphan. She's been in touch with her auntie (above) for advice, and she's been told to follow her heart and travel the world, if that's what she wants to do.

But the big question is where to go? She's had some fantastic offers. The curling community is so kind.

Should she go to Stranraer, where she's made friends with Robyn Munro?

Or to Hungary with Boglarka (Boggy) Adam? Or to Latvia with her favourite team?

This morning the blog received the following letter, from an admirer, above:

Dear Sir, I was absolutely horrified to hear the words kn.....s y..d' used in relation to the beautiful, talented Coo. Over the last few days I have quite fallen for Coo and wondered if she would like to spend her retirement with me? I live in St. Andrews but will be going to Wengen to help the curlers there plan their centenary celebrations in 2011 and Coo's media expertise would be invaluable. There will also be celebrations in Perth so she would be able to meet her Scottish fans.

I appreciate that many will be interested in the future of Coo, but hopefully my attached photo will show you (and her) what a suitable companion I would be. I would obviously be willing to pay Coo's travel (first class of course) and escort her on her journeys.

Please advise me if their are any contractual problems - as I am more than willing to negotiate. I do hope you and Coo will consider this proposal; I promise to look after and cherish her.

Yours hopefully, Angus B.

Coo thanks Angus very much, and is very touched. Also to those who signed the petition of support. She definitely won't be going to the knackers yard, and her future looks bright indeed!

I'll let you know when she makes up her mind!

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